Pad Your Budget: Cut $50+ From Your Energy Bill

What’s good for Mother Earth is good for your wallet. Don’t believe us? Here are six ways you can save money by saving energy.

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Pull the Plug on Phantom Power

Even when turned off, electronics use a small amount of electricity, known as "phantom power," that can add up over time. Unplug any appliances, chargers, adapters and gadgets when not in use. To make it easier to conserve, plug your biggest energy eaters into a power strip and simply flip the switch when you’re not using them -- you could save as much as $110 a year. Need we say more?

If you keep your coffee warmer on so your second (or third) cup of joe is nice and hot, you might as well spend the dough on a Venti at Fivebucks. Believe it or not, keeping your coffeepot on can cost you around $35 annually, which may not strike you as a huge number, but remember, it’s just one of your many appliances. Use the microwave to heat up your leftover java, or brew one cup at a time.

Finally, use the hibernate, sleep or standby function on your computer every time you run out for lunch or head to a meeting. Putting your computer to sleep (instead of just relying on the screen saver, which, by the way, doesn’t use less energy) after several minutes of inactivity can save you between $25 and $75 a year.