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Make every paycheck count -- and last a little longer with our out-of-the-box money saving tips. Before you can start saving, you’ll need to get your finances in order. We’ve got advice on merging your money and setting up your budget. If you’re in the red, start with our debt calculator to get your credit cards and debt paid off. Already in the black? Start working toward your savings goal with our savings calculator and saving money tips. We’ve got all kinds of sneaky ways to save money, including tips from real Nesties who’ve given us the 411 on how to save money and make credit card points work for you. No matter what you’re looking to spend less on, we’ve got the “save money tips” to help. Taking a vacation? We asked experts to share their saving money tips to help you pinch pennies every step of the way, whether you’re searching for cheap airfare or renting a car. Is your wallet already feeling stretched? Check out our painless ways to save money and cut more than $100 from your monthly bills. And if you’re spending so much you can’t imagine how to save money, study up on the habits of healthy spending couples. We’ve even got money saving tips you can use while you’re spending money -- take a peek at our rundown of credit card rewards. No matter what your cash situation is, remember, you’re not on your own! You can chat with other Nesties, share your best save money tips and get out of debt together.

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money saving tips

Who doesn't love to save money? We've got lots of secret money-saving tips to help you keep enough cash aside for emergencies and for when you need to spend it on what matters most to you -- um, like a home!