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Bill Slasher: How to Save Money on Your Wireless Bill

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Who wants to save money? Duh -- everyone! Every week we'll hit you with an ever-so-sneaky cost-cutting tip. This week we'll tackle your most necessary evil -- your wireless bill.

Keep your bill low by avoiding extra fees and charges (i.e., don’t dial 411 for information, which can charge up to a $1.99 for each curious call; text Google instead).

Sign up for a family plan with your spouse or family members you're always yakking with. This is one of the rare occasions where it's okay (and downright savvy) to piggy-pack on an account with either of your parents.

If joining a family plan isn't an option, take a survey of all the people you call most and find out what provider they use; getting a plan under the same company will probably allow you to talk with them for free.

Spare us with the customized ring tones. Do you really need a separate cash-guzzling ring tone for every person in your contact list? Yeah, we didn't think so either.

-- Caitlin Losey

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