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How to Get Rid of Your Cable Without Missing It

The first step in getting rid of your cable is pretty easy: Just call the cable company and have it canceled.

But there’s so much good TV on cable these days, you say? There’s so much good TV on the Internet too! Many cable channels offer full episodes on their websites, and sites like Hulu.com offer free (and legal) programming with very limited commercials.

Missing movies on demand? Sign up for Netflix and get instant access via the Internet. Even if you watch a movie every weekend, you’ll still save in the long run!

If missing out on sports is the hang-up, give your local bar a visit on nights when there’s a big game -- sports are better enjoyed with company, anyways. It might be hard at first, but we promise that after a few months, you’ll barely notice the difference…except in the way of how much extra time you have on your hands!

-- Paula Kashtan