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How to Have Fun On A Budget

We asked Nesties for their fave activities when money's tight - steal their cool ideas!

Wii + cocktails + karaoke = fun! --giam28

On weekends, we'll go to open houses in our town for kicks. I get decor ideas, but mostly it's fun to peek inside other people's places. -clo33

We like to go hiking and pack our lunch to eat outside. It's really nice and nature is totally free. --auburngirl672

Sex. Need I say more? --superannoyindos

We always look for free things to do around our community. We have a zoo and art and history museums that are all free. --twinkz

We hold a wine tasting at our house with friends. We ask each guest to bring a specific type of wine, so we have a good variety. --casmgn

We've started going on weekend dates during the day instead of at night. A matinee and lunch is much cheaper. --georgia_peachy

Board games are awesome, and of course, alcohol only makes them better! --bamfmrsb

We trade off hosting casual get-togethers, so it's not really expensive for anyone. --ginger01604

We've become fans of our local high school sports teams. It's only a few bucks to get in and we relive the glory days! --uconngal42

We hit the beach. We bring a cooler, get each other sun-screened (wink, wink...) and work on our tans. --mooney34

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-- The Nest Editors

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