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Easy Ways to Save $1,000+

The holidays hit your wallet hard this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 painless ways to slash your spending ASAP.


Many stores offer rebates and incentives to customers who use environmentally friendly, reusable totes. Although it’ll typically only save you 10¢ or so, if you use a few bags every time you shop and you hit up the grocery store once a week, the savings will add up...to at least a lotto ticket.

2. DON’T DIAL 411

You forgot to write down the address of the restaurant where you’re meeting your pals, and now you’re stuck on a street corner. Before you dial 411, remember you’ll get slammed with your wireless provider’s $1.99 fee. If you don’t have Internet service on your phone, you can text Google instead (466453). Don’t believe us? Go ahead, try it!


Going out for dinner with your favorite wino friends? Call ahead and ask a) if you can bring your own wine and b) what they charge for the corkage fee. If you’re planning to buy a few bottles of wine (or a couple of glasses each), it could pay to bring your own. Bonus: You’ll probably get a much nicer bottle of vino for the price if you bring one you bought from a liquor store, since restaurants often mark up their booze.


Buying staples on an as-needed basis means you’ll often find yourself running to the corner store, where you’ll pay a premium. Instead, keep track of the things you buy regularly and then get them in mass quantities when they go on sale at your grocery store. Seriously, buy as many as you can fit in your house without a loved one signing you up for Hoarders (or as many as the store allows, since sales are sometimes limited).


Getting in shape was one of your New Year’s resolutions...but so was saving dough. Here’s how to actually stick with both this year: See what other gyms in your area are offering and then ask your gym to match the lowest monthly fee you find. If it won’t, then switch gyms (duh!). Got the best deal in town? See if your health insurance company reimburses you for working out––many do.


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