23 Creative Ways to Save

Looking for ways to save money, get organized and be more productive? The LearnVest staff shares their tips for those areas of your life that could use a little improvement.

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Eating With Friends

My boyfriend and I have a rule that we don't get any food delivered, so if we decide to eat out, we have to go get it. This way we don't have to pay a tip or delivery fee, and it also discourages us from eating out just out of convenience.
- Nancy, Office Manager

Last year I started hosting a potluck every few months with my girlfriends and we always have a great time! Appetizers and wine are all people want anyway, so I skip the main dish and ask everyone to bring an app or a bottle of wine. I usually make a big, yummy salad and there's always plenty of everything.
- Sophia, Financial Planner in Residence

When I go out to eat, I'll use the Scoutmob app to choose a restaurant that's offering some sort of discount.
- Michelle, Account Manager

(These tips sure beat dumpster diving for food!)


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