23 Creative Ways to Save

Looking for ways to save money, get organized and be more productive? The LearnVest staff shares their tips for those areas of your life that could use a little improvement.

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Beauty and Fashion

When I get a mani/pedi, I always choose a color I already own so I can do touch-ups myself and make it last 3-4 weeks before needing to go back to the salon.
- Michelle, Account Manager

Whenever I see something I really want, I pin it to my Pinterest board. (I even have a board called 'The Life I Wish I Lived' for Oscar de la Renta gowns.) It's like putting something on hold at the department store; it's still there if I really want it, but usually I never bother to go back. Everyone knows how great my taste is, without my dropping $350 to prove it.
- Alden, Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager

I go to my "shoe guy" to have $3 taps put on my heels--little pieces of plastic that wear down before your heels do, so you pay another $3 to swap out the taps instead of $20-$50 to rebuild your heels after walking on city streets.
- Libby, Staff Writer

Especially in the age of the flash sale—"this will only be in your cart for 10 minutes!" shopping can be deadly. But I use tech to my advantage: If there's a purchase I'm considering, I "pin" it on Pinterest first and wait at least two weeks before committing. It's the best way I've found to combat impulse buys.
- Carrie, Editor in Chief


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