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Need a little pick-me-up? We've got the perfect sugar rush -- the sweetest pictures of cute little pets you'll ever see. Furry kittens, playful puppies -- pets are adorable and irresistible! And no nest is complete without a loveable pet, whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or another cute companion. Share your pics of your fluffy pals on The Nest and check out the great shots other Nesties have shared to show off their cute pets. Explore our slideshows, too, of the best pet pictures we've seen on Instagram and on The Nest. Got funny or touching stories about your and your pets? Share them! We're pet-obsessed here at The Nest and can't get enough of our animal friends. That's why we also provide advice for pet-friendly travel, renting with pets, and more! And if these cute pics of pets are making you think you're ready for a new kitten, puppy, or other pet, check out our quiz to find the right pet for you. You can also learn what to expect (since even cute pets can have occasional, um, issues) with our expert Q&A and our petiquette primer. Find out everything from tips on picking the perfect pet to how to handle bad behavior. And whether you're a proud pet parent, looking for a new pet, or you just want to share your cute pet pictures, our pets message board is the place to chat with other Nesties about dogs, cats, and all other creatures.

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Browse tons of cute pet photos and vote for your favorites! All these cuties making you think you want to get a furbaby? Take our quiz and find the right pet for you then show off and send us a photo!