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Want nothing but the very best for your fur baby? Obviously -- who doesn't! So we'll just show you with our picks for the best pet accessories, pet clothing, pet toys, and other pet gear. If you're looking for pet gear that will withstand jaws, claws, and more, we've rounded up seven of our favorite practical picks for dogs and cats. Are you more interested in fun stuff, like pet accessories or even pet clothing? Then take a peek at our guide to cool stuff for pets, from colorful collars and leashes to pet toys you won't feel embarrassed to have lying around the house. You can also read our advice on all kinds of pet gear, from the coziest beds for winter to how to make your own doggie biscuits! And that's not all the fun stuff you'll find here. Got a pic of your furbaby wearing cute pet clothing? Upload it here -- we love posting cute photos of real Nesties' pets. You can even vote for your favorites. Ever wonder what your dog or cat is thinking? Find out with our pet confessionals -- real pups and kitties give us the scoop on their least praiseworthy moments. (They're so adorable, it's pretty much impossible not to forgive them! Plus it's easy to laugh when they aren't your shoes.) And don't forget our pets message board. You can swap pet stories and advice with other Nesties, and share your picks for the best pet accessories, pet toys, and more right here.

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pet stuff

Your pet deserves the best -- right? Find the latest pet gear, from cool dog bowls to pet beds you won't mind leaving out. Plus get expert pet-training tips.