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Got pet questions? Whether it's questions about puppies, questions about cats, or even about other kinds of pets, you'll find expert advice on pets here. Every week, our expert veterinarians, obedience trainers, and other pet pros answer questions from real Nesties about their problem pets. You'll find answers to questions about puppies, including common problems like help with housebreaking, problem barking, and what to do about a dog that loves to chew. We've also got advice on pets to help with bad behavior in the car, in the yard, and when you're not at home. You'll also find tips for helping your furbaby get along with your baby baby -- a must-read for couples thinking of expanding their nests. There's plenty of fun stuff here too. Ever wondered what your dog or cat was thinking when they did something really outrageous? Find out with our pet confessionals -- real Nesties' pets tell the truth about those moments when you really wonder why you paid for obedience school. It's advice on pets straight from the furbabies' mouths! And don't forget to check out the chat on our pets message board. Share your best training tips, worst crazy pet stories, and get answers to your pet questions from other Nesties right here. Or if you've got pet questions for our pros, send them to us (along with your Nestie username) -- you might find your question answered right here! Questions about puppies, questions about cats, birds, you name it -- we want to hear about it.

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Got pet health or behavior problems? So do we! Get expert advice on our weekly Pet Q&A. Send your questions with your Nestie username to