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Sit! Stay! Read! You’re in the right spot for answers to all of your problem pet questions and tips on pet training that’ll help you take your furbaby from crazy to cuddly. We’ve got pet advice on everything from housebreaking your new pet to how to deal with a clawing kitty or a barking dog. Training your pet can be time consuming, but it’s important to make sure that yours doesn’t come between you and your sweetie -- or even between you and your friends. A little pet training and some basic petiquette can make a huge difference in your life! If you’re not sure whether a pet is right for you, we’ve also got lots of pet advice to help you decide. Learn how much pets really cost, how to choose the right pet for you, whether a second furbaby is a good idea, and how to deal with juggling a pet and a real baby. In addition to answering your pet questions, we’ve also got lots of fun stuff for dogs, cats, and other critters. Check out our roundup of the coolest gear. We’ve test driven all kinds of pet products, from the super stylish to the most practical picks. Chat with other animal lovers on TheNest, browse cute pet photos and don’t forget to upload your own! You can even read a hilarious pet blog with confessions from real Nesties’ pets! Training your pet can be a challenge, but with our help you’re much closer to reaping the rewards.

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Down, Fido! Taking care of your favorite four-legged friend isn't always a walk in the park. Get expert pet-training tips, advice for mixing pets and guests, plus tips for helping your pet adjust to a new baby.