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5 Reasons Your Dog Barks -- and How to Keep Him Quiet

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Your furball is usually well-behaved in public, so why can’t you curb his nasty noisemaking habit? While the temptation is to scream, this response sounds to dogs like a bark -- and since barking is a group activity, your pup will want to join in! What’s an overwhelmed owner to do?

According to the ASPCA, incessant barking is an annoying but treatable behavior. Like a real baby, your furbaby is fussing to tell you something: a friendly hello, a warning, or an “ouch!” Naturally, your first line of action should be to determine the cause of his noisemaking. Once you’ve got this down, you can respond with an action that’ll most likely get you the results you want. Read on to figure out what’s getting under your pup’s fur and to learn your most effective line of defense.

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