Pet Q&A: Should we let our dog sleep in our bed?


I want my puppy to sleep in the bed with us -- is there any reason not to?


Pet in bed

Before you take the plunge, consider the following: Once you invite your dog (or cat, or hamster -- did we just say that?) into your bed, she’s there for life. (Trust us.) Will the adorable puppy you love to snuggle with still be welcome when she grows up? Also, is your bed really big enough for the three of you plus any two-legged additions you might be planning? Getting rug rats and pets to play nice together is already a challenge. You don’t want your pet to feel jealous of any new bedmates. And, if either of you has allergies, fuggedaboutit. That said, in our opinion, there are few things that compare to the warmth, security, and giggles that come from tucking in with your pup for the night. We have a doggie sleep solution: Our bulldog, Ruby, went from bed hog to model mattress citizen when we added a small doggie bed to our nightly routine. We place this snuggly cushion (Ruby favors the dark chocolate color) near our feet and she happily snoozes the night away without crushing our legs. It’s also fantastic for the floor (if that’s your thing).

-- Caitlin Losey

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