Pet Q&A: How do we help our pet adapt to a baby?


My husband I are expecting our first baby. But we’re concerned about our other baby, our pug Simon. How can we make the transition easier for all of us?


Dogs are creatures of habit and are soothed by regularity, so it’s important that you stick to your pre-baby routine (walks, playtime) once the newborn comes home. In the meantime, prep your pug for the little one by simulating experiences like being touched all over his paws, ears, and mouth. Starting this now will help desensitize Simon for later. We also love the idea of playing baby sounds on a CD for your pup so the gurgles and squawks are less alarming, well, for all of you. And don’t forget to line up a dog sitter for when you’re at the hospital, so that Simon doesn’t automatically feel neglected.

-- The Nest Editors

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