Pets Q&A: Is It Better For a Dog To Wear A Harness Or A Collar?


My trainer told me to keep my dog on a collar, but people tell me I should use a harness-who's right?


The short answer? They both are. Trainers prefer a collar for dogs in training, or headstrong dogs, becuase they respong quciker to pressure around the neck. Harnesses are great because they don't pressure the neck-instead they distribute the pressure around your dog's chest. In the end, your vet should decide. Some smaller breeds are prone to collapsible tracheas and should wear a harness. A larger dog is probably better off with a collar. Whatever you choose though make sure you get the proper fit. A collar should fit loosely enough for you to slip two fingers underneath (for smaller dogs one finger), but tight enough to not slip over the head. A harness should also follow the same rules-just be careful to watch out for chafing under your dog's front legs.

-- The Nest Editors

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