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quizzes, games, and horoscopes

Everybody says they're too busy to play games or take a quiz, and yet, we love them! Why? Because they're great escapes from the pressures of the day, even if you just take a minute out of your day for them. In the end, that minute can relax you and help you focus, keeping your mind agile, so you can tackle any challenge quickly and easily. So take quick breaks for fun games and quizzes. They're good for you in more ways than one. Here, The Nest has a range of quizzes to test your sex style, how much of a go-getter you are, whether you're a dirty fighter, and how much you follow couples' etiquette. You can even find out if you're ready for a baby, pet, or house plant? Whether your kitchen would pass a health inspection? Which type of Kardashian you're most like? And there are lots more quizzes you can take here to learn more about yourself and the different sides of your personality. They will surprise you! Plus, when you want to know what to expect through your monthly horoscope, your astrological sign will help guide you in your decisions. Besides, astrology is always good for a fun read. The Nest has horoscopes for couples, fitness, babies, and love!

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Do you fight fair? Itching to redecorate but aren't sure whether you're more modern or bohemian? Take one of our fun quizzes and let the results help guide you!