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Test Your Couples Etiquette

It’s alright to eat your dinner with a salad fork at your own house, but would you and DH dare do it at a friend’s -- even if you’re best friends? Sometimes, the etiquette fairy can forget to make a house call, especially if she’s not on your speed dial. To test out your manners, put yourselves in these six situations, and see if your duo can get off on good behavior.
-- by Alonna Friedman

In a moment of enthusiastic lawn care, you accidentally mow over a neighbor’s flowers. Your reaction?

You’re feeling crabby, and the long line at the cafe is grating on your nerves. Then you lose your temper with the barista who messes up your daily cup. What do you do?

While making copies, you overhear that a coworker’s grandparent has passed away. It’s someone you attend meetings with but don’t consider a friend. Your reaction?

You received a baby/birthday/housewarming gift five months ago and suddenly realize you never sent a thank-you note. Your reaction?

You sit down to dinner at a new friend’s home and see the table setting is formal and ultracomplicated. What do you do?

Strolling with your spouse, you run into an old acquaintance but forget his or her name. Your reaction?