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Ready to find your first home, or in the market for an upgrade? You’re on the right track -- we’ve got plenty of real estate advice for how to handle the house hunt, manage your mortgage, and how to tackle new home to-do’s. Our easy-to-use tools and helpful tips will help ease your way into a new place. Looking for a place to live forever, or an opportunity for real estate investing? Search thousands of listings near you with our home finder tool. Once you spot a few you like, browse our local pages to find a real estate agent who can help make your home-owning dreams a reality. Want even more help than that? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the basics of buying your first home. Use our mortgage calculator to find out how much house you can really afford. We can help you sort out the pros and cons of condos and co-ops versus houses. Learn what all those real estate terms really mean, and how to find the best interest rate on your mortgage. There’s advice and tips for every step of the way, from hitting open houses to making an offer. You can also find tips on selling your home and on real estate investing. And when you need a pick-me-up or a space to vent, you can chat with other Nesties and share real estate advice, tales from the house hunt, and more. From your first phone calls to putting up the sold sign, we’re here for you!

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Downloadable Real Estate Checklists

Everything you need, at your fingertips.

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Stay organized with our library of helpful tips, checklists, and planners.

Selling Your Home
From cleanup to closing, this guide will walk you through the process (even if you don't use a real estate agent to sell your pad).

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Buying a Home
So you've had some big changes in your life and you're ready to jump into homeownership. Here's a map to get you where you need to go.

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Insurance Inventory
We know insurance is a snore, but it's as essential as sleep. Make a record of your insurance carriers, log your worldly possessions, and store hard copies of policies.

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Relocating? We've compiled a list of the most important to-dos to take care of before and after you settle into your amazing new digs.

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Getting a Home Inspection
Find out what's hiding between the walls of your dream home. Spending hundreds for an inspection can save you thousands in repairs and problems that the untrained eye may miss.

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Pick a Mortgage
Mortgages are like all those pairs of jeans in your closet -- only one fits just right. That's why it's important to know all that you can about each one before making a decision.

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Organizing an Open House
After you've set the date and posted pictures of your house online, you need to get your house into tip-top shape for those up-close looks. Feeling overwhelmed? Start a bidding war with this list of to-dos.

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Go-to Numbers
Stuff breaks. You lose things. It happens. Be one step ahead of the game by knowing who to call when the lights go out, when your credit card disappears, and when anything else that can go wrong, does.

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