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Moving Checklist

A list of the most important to-do's.

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Month Prior to Move

  • Change your address with the post office.
  • Change your address with the IRS.
  • Hire a moving company or rent a moving vehicle.
  • Transfer or get copies of medical records (and school records if you have children).
  • Get referrals from your current doctor for new doctors in the neighborhood you’ll be moving to.
  • Update your insurance policies (home, auto, and so on).
  • Check with your insurance company to see if your belongings are covered during the move.
  • Cancel your plans with cable, telephone, newspaper, lawn, and home security companies.
  • Change your address with magazine and newspaper subscriptions and creditors.

Weeks Prior to Move

  • Cancel utility service for the day after your move date.
  • Purchase packing supplies (boxes, tape, markers, and so on).
  • Make travel arrangements on moving day and any special arrangements for small children and/or pets.
  • Start packing, boxing items systematically and labeling them accordingly.
  • If you can, type out a list of what general items are in each box so you have a master list.

[NestNote] Set aside items you will need immediately and make a note to load this box last.

1 Week Prior to Move

  • Confirm reservation with moving company or rental truck company.
  • Gather and set aside important documents (don’t pack these—carry them with you during the move).
  • Transfer prescriptions to your local pharmacy.
  • Close/transfer bank accounts (if switching banks) and order checks with your new address.
  • Send out change of address cards to friends, relatives, neighbors, organizations, and so on.
  • Return items that don’t belong to you (movies, books, and so on).
  • Clean! (appliances, carpet, walls, and so on).

Day Before Move

  • Take out cash to give as tips to the movers (if you hired).
  • Buy bottles of water for you and anyone helping you.
  • Pack the last of your items and leave out one small suitcase for your pajamas and toiletries.

After the Move

  • Change your address with DMV— update driver’s license and plates (if moving out of state). Allow about two weeks for arrival.
  • Change your address with your employer.

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