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Ready for a new nest? Whether you’re looking for your very first place, or it’s time for an upgrade, we’ve got guides on renting or buying a home that will help ease you through the process. Start with the basics -- condo, co-op, or house? Our home buying help will give you the pros and cons of every option. After deciding what you want, you’ll need to settle on where to live. Our tips on how to find a home will help you pick the right neighborhood and even tell you how to give it a test drive! If you’ve already narrowed in on a neighborhood, you’ll want a real estate agent, and we’ve got the questions you must ask before you hire one. Once you’re on the house hunt, our Q&A can help you through every step of buying a home. From dealing with agent fees, how much to bid, managing mortgages -- even when it’s smarter to rent. You’ll find home buying help for every sticky situation. In addition to tips on buying a house, we’ve also got advice on selling your old one. Take a peek at our advice on organizing an open house, the dos and don’ts of selling it yourself, and our handy selling your home checklist. Our tips on buying a house will take you right through to the end, from dealing with inspections to making an offer. Once you’re ready to make your move, check out our moving checklist and the first things you should do in your new space. Welcome home!

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Real Estate Q&A: How to Sell Our Place Fast?


We have to sell. What’s the best way to make sure our home moves off the market fast?


Price your place right. Look at other homes for sale in your area and ask a real estate agent to help you. If you’re in a time-crunch and want to be extra-competitive, knock 5 percent off the asking price, or if you can stomach it, 10 percent.

Sounds crazy? Not really. You’re more likely to draw in more potential buyers who are ready to pounce on your deal, which could lead to a bidding war that actually drives the price up a little: a win-win situation for you.

Just make sure your home isn’t sitting on the market forever -- it’s a turn-off to buyers to see the same place advertised everywhere for a year with zero movement and hints that it’s either overpriced or something is wrong. Your better bet is to adjust the price or take it off the market in the short-term and strategize with your real estate agent about other ways to boost its appeal, like home staging.

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