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Buying a new home is exciting, exhilarating, and...expensive. For most couples, a new place means new financial needs -- in particular, the dreaded "M" word. That's right, before you can move in or even think about redecorating, home mortgages should be on your radar. Looking for the facts about home mortgages? Whether it's your first mortgage or you're already a home-buying whiz , whether you're researching good credit or bad credit mortgages, we've got advice to help guide you through the process. Maximizing your mortgage means finding one that gets you both the home you want and payments that you can afford. Check on current mortgage rates, and learn about the prime time for home loans. Even if you've got credit issues, bad credit mortgages, designed specifically for this problem, might be a good fit for you. Read about the basics you need to know and the five biggest mortgage blunders to avoid. Looking for a mortgage payment calculator? We've got a great one, plus use our mortgage glossary and handy checklist to help you figure out what you can afford to pay. And we've got plenty of Q&A to help you with home mortgages. From how to get your credit score (a must for bad credit mortgages) to finding a good interest rate (or just what to expect from current mortgage rates), we're there for you. In addition to mortgage tips, we've got advice on home equity loans, whether you need a mortgage broker, and even a mortgage payment calculator. Your first mortgage can be scary (and hey -- the second one too!), but we've got you covered.

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Ready to buy your first home? Find out everything you need to know about mortgages. Learn all the real estate lingo, find the best interest rate, and even learn how to hire a realtor.

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