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Whether you're buying your first home or still renting, it's okay to daydream, right? Check out these super cool pads and dream homes that we're fawning over. We've rounded up some of the biggest, most lavish homes in the world -- plus a few tiny, energy-efficient nests that we're in awe of. Famous homes from movie and TV shows include the Paul Rudd's onscreen abode, the set from 'Modern Family,' and a house inhabited by Colin Firth -- in the movies, of course. Take a tour of huge, colorful homes in New York, Sweden, Singapore and other drool-worthy destinations. Peek inside at the stylish decor ideas that you can steal for your own home!

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Drool over all the coolest houses on the block! Even if you're buying your first home, it's okay to daydream, no? Check out these super cool pads and dream homes. Plus peek inside at the stylish decor ideas.