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I Wish I Lived Here: London Calling

I love a happy ending, don't you? This fab London dwelling is actually a converted milk depot (read: factory) from the 1940s when milk was scarce in the country during the Second World War. The building had stood empty and "derelict" for over 30 years when its current owner cycled past it one day. Ken Taylor, the cyclist, was no ordinary passerby; however, he was an architect with a plan.

Taylor bought the run-down factory and completely redesigned it with the help of his architecture firm. Many locals were able to help out with the conversion of the building from warehouse to home, making it a true community effort. Taylor now lives in the newly-two-story building with his wife and uses it as an office space as well.

The couple was able to repurpose many of the building's original materials in their renovation: The cold store's floors and walls became part of the main building's new roof, and old factory machinery was used in the rebuilding process. Keeping true to the building's original purpose as a dairy factory, the couple painted their finished home in ice cream-colored pastels. What a sweet finish!

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-- Lauren Le Vine

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