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I Wish I Lived Here: Swedish Apartment

I Wish I Lived Here: Swedish Apartment

Just when I thought IKEA had given me a lifetime's worth of love for Sweden, this gorgeous apartment that's for sale in the Linnestaden district of the city of Gothensburg rolled across my decor blog transom and opened my heart up to Swedish decor that much more. Nesties, I may have to relocate. Look at the street view picture -- this city has mass transit via cable car. And the indoor decor only sweetens the deal.

Swedish apartment, kitchen, bathroom, office

Almost every room has a beautiful accent wall (the wallpaper in the bedroom and dark wall above the living room sofa are vying for my "favorite" award), and the whole apartment is furnished in clean oak boards and painted white woods. Then, of course, there's the tile work. Look at the kitchen backsplash. Just look at it! It's chartreuse! Oh, its vibrancy brings a warm glow to my day. I hope this place gets the owner it deserves.

If you do happen to be looking for a lovely apartment in Gothesburg, here's the apartment listing on the realtor's site. I highly recommend viewing it with Google Translate, unless you speak Swedish!

Photos courtesy of Alvhem Brokerage & Interior

-- Lauren Le Vine

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