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I Wish I Lived Here: Vivienda Moderna in Missouri

Now try not to be too jealous of Lauren and Eric Wendlandt's eco-friendly, modern casa in Kansas City, Missouri. Not only does the couple own Framework Design, an interior design and architecture firm, together (which they run out of a studio in the home you see pictured here), they were able to rebuild this house themselves out of salvaged materials atop the foundation of an old, corner-lot mansion. You'll never believe what the house that used to stand on this spot looked like!

Now that's a traditional, sprawling Midwestern mansion! Framework Design's mission is to use existing materials and, well, frameworks, so the couple built their current house on the foundations of the old-timey manse and clad the sides in salvaged wood from disassembled Kansas barns. The couple uses Vivienda Moderna, which is Spanish for "modern dwelling" for commercial, residential, and office spaces, so it is truly a mixed-use space. And now, some more interior space pics to drool over!

Interested in making your home a mixed-use space? Click here to find out how Lauren and Eric made their home office work for them.

All images courtesy of Framework Design.

-- Lauren Le Vine

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