Just Moved: Alana & Chris

Marietta, Georgia
Setup: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
House Style: Colonial
Square Footage: 2,500
Price Paid: $240,000
The Deal: $96/ sq. ft.

How many places did you look at?
We looked at about 15 houses before finally finding the “right” one. It was a very long process as we weren’t sure exactly which neighborhood we wanted to live in. Once we figured that out, it was easy.

How long were you looking?
We were looking for a very long four months. We still had a condo on the market in DC and were staying with friends in their guest room, sharing a twin bed (something only newlyweds could do).

The worst part about house-hunting was... 
The worst part was getting excited about a house by its picture and description, only to find out it was not all it was advertised to be. For example, we were thrilled to find a listing for a golf course property that mentioned an “amazing view of the 9th hole.” When we arrived at the house, we found that they neglected to state that between the house and the “view” was a huge power line! We hated to waste both our time and our realtor’s.

The best part of house-hunting was...
Finding style ideas by looking in other people’s homes that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Was it hard to compromise and build a house you both loved?
No, we have similar taste. We also took the effort to create a must-have list prior to the start of our house hunting. This made it easy to find houses that fit our criteria.

What advice do you have for Nesties who are currently house-hunting?
Don’t settle! This is a great time to find the house you want (as the market is in the buyer’s favor right now). Do a little haggling -- offer less than the asking price and, if necessary, have the seller pay for new carpet or paint. Also be sure to have the seller pay your closing costs. Good luck!

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-- Caitlin Losey

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