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Location: Marrietta, Georgia
Setup: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
House Style: Traditional
Square Footage: 2,400
Price Paid: $250,000
The Deal: $104/ sq. ft.

How many places did you look at before finding the right one?
We looked at about 30 homes altogether.

The worst part about house-hunting was...
Finding exactly what we wanted. We created a list in Excel of everything we were looking for in the house. Moving to a new city and a new house was a big deal to us. We wanted something that would make us feel at home.

The best part of house-hunting was...
Looking at the different areas, landscapes, and styles of the homes.

Was it hard to compromise and find a house you both loved?
It was hard. We just moved, got married, and started new jobs. We were unsure if this was the time or place that we should be looking to buy a house. We also felt that it would be a good investment. We found that we had the same criteria and wanted the same style of a home. We didn't find exactly what we wanted, but we found something similar.

What advice do you have for Nesties who are currently house-hunting?
Make a list of wants and needs and take the list with you while you're looking for a home. Keep a folder of each home you visit. When you're done with the day of looking, sit down and discuss the pros and cons of each house. I feel that keeping the list of wants and needs close to you at all times is very important. House hunting can blindside you at times, so make sure you stick to the list. If you don't find your dream house this month, be patient -- it'll be there next month.

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