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Location: Savannah, Georgia
Setup: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
House Style: Modern ranch
Square Footage: 1,600
Price paid: $215,000
The Deal: $134/ sq. ft.

How long were you looking?
Just about a month.

How many homes did you visit and look at?
We probably looked at 20 houses.

What was the hardest part about finding your new home?
The hardest part was figuring out which area in Savannah we wanted to live in. Downtown Savannah is awesome...fun and young, with so much to do, but the islands are great because you’re five minutes from the beach. In the end, we had to decide where we’d get more for our money, which is why we picked the islands.

What was the best part?
The best part was looking at such a huge range of different places and trying to imagine all of our stuff in each and every house!

Was it hard to compromise and find a home you both loved?
It wasn't hard to pick a house we both loved. Sean and I both had the same thoughts as far as what we were looking for in a home.

Do you have any advice for Nesties who are still looking for their first home?
Our advice is to not rush into picking your new home. You’ll know when it's “the one” and will finally feel like all the looking and waiting paid off (I know we found our home fast, but we knew it was the right choice!). Also, it's important to search the Internet for homes you want to see; don't wait for your realtor to pick out places that they might think you’ll like. You also have to see the places in person before you even make an appointment to go inside them. One thing we did was make a huge list of places we wanted to see, then drove around for a couple of hours scoping them all out. This way, you can truly see what the neighborhood looks like and decide if it's somewhere you could live. We were able to really narrow down our search and not waste our time or our realtor’s time.

What’s your favorite thing about your new home and what's unique about it?
Our favorite thing about our home is the high cathedral ceilings, which make the house look so much bigger than it is. The previous owners also converted a screened-in porch into a sunroom, which is very bright and open. It's perfect for Savannah because it gets so hot in the summer -- you can sit inside but feel like you’re outside! The one unique thing is that there’s a heated and air-conditioned playhouse in the backyard!

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-- Caitlin Losey

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