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Location: San Diego, California
Setup: 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms
House Style: Two-story house
Square Footage: 1,746
Price Paid: $585,000
The Deal: $335/ sq. ft.

How many places did you look at before finding the right one?
About 50-60 total. We went to a lot of open houses and looked at homes with our agent.

How long were you looking?
Nine months.

What was the worst part about house-hunting?
Trying to make the right decision about the neighborhood. It's hard to get a feel by just visiting once. We went back to the neighborhood we purchased in several times. We went on different days and times, and tried out the neighborhood park. We were looking for a family-friendly neighborhood. We found it!

What was the best part?
Seeing how different people decorate and trying to have vision of how we could make that home our own.

Was it hard to compromise and find a house you both loved?
No. We both had a similar list of wants. We did have to settle for a kitchen smaller than we had hoped for!

Do you have any advice for other Nesties who are house-hunting now?
Be patient. You'll know when you find the right home. It'll feel right from the beginning -- ours did.

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-- Caitlin Losey

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