Just Moved: Nikki & Chris

Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Set-Up: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
House Style: Colonial
Square Footage: 4,500
Price Paid: $760,000
The Deal: $169/ sq. ft.

How long were you looking?
Only about a month! We technically started looking online about three or four months beforehand, but we found the house very quickly!

How many homes did you visit and look at?
We looked at two other homes in person before seeing this one. Our new home is in the town and neighborhood that we wanted to live in, so it was a fairly easy decision.

What was the hardest part about finding your new home?
Trying to decide on the style of home...both of us love very modern houses, however, in New England they’re few and far between. In the end, we fell in love with a house that was very different from what we originally planned on!

What was the best part?
Walking into the house and getting the overall feeling that it was “the one.”

Was it hard to compromise and find a home you both loved?
Luckily, we have similar taste, so it wasn't too hard to find a house we both loved.

Do you have any advice for Nesties who are still looking for their first home?
Go into the process with an open mind and try not to set too many requirements before seeing houses in person. You'll probably find that your style may change slightly, or that certain features will become more important than others. It’s also important to realize that with a can of paint and new furniture, the house can be completely transformed!

What is your favorite thing about your new home and what's unique about it?
Chris' favorite thing is the basement. It’s completely finished and has a media center, a game area, a full bath, and a kitchenette with a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator...great for entertaining! My favorite feature of the house is the dressing room off the master bedroom. It has two walk-in closets along with an area for a vanity and a sitting room with the perfect space for shoes and purses.

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-- Caitlin Losey

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