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Real Estate Survey

Nesting is a big deal, so we wanted to know all about it! We rounded up the dirt on everything from renting to house hunting and everything in between from 1,400 Nesties just like you!

Rent or Own?

This was almost a tie: 49% of those living together rent, while 51% own their homes.

Majority Are Planning to Own Soon

62% of couples currently renting plan to buy within the next 3 years!

Housing Market Is Not a Factor

A mere 2% of those currently renting said they were waiting to buy until the housing market recovers, as the vast majority (98%) cited other reasons to wait, including saving for a down payment (38%) and figuring out where to settle their families long term (32%).

Women Take Charge More Than Men

1 in 3 women (35%) took the lead in finding their new homes, compared with only 11% of men. The rest of you? 50% responded that you shared the responsibility, while 4% relied on an agent or broker.

Couples Found a Home Faster Than Planned

Even though 33% of respondents didn’t give themselves a set timeline to find the right home (however long it takes!), 46% found their homes in less than 3 months!

The Majority Believe Real Estate Is a Good Investment

92% responded that real estate was still a good investment.

But It’s Not as Much a Part of the American Dream

1 in 3 couples no longer consider owning a home to be part of the “American dream.”

Couples Didn’t Realize How Much It Would Be…

For home owners, the most surprising factor of the process was how much it all costs. 37% were surprised by costs, fees and other expenses.

…Or How Stressful

1 in 4 couples (26%) were surprised by how stressful the process was!

Budget Conscious

More than 83% of couples agreed that staying within their budgets was a key factor. Not surprisingly, out of the 28% of couples who argued during their searches, 37% argued primarily about budget and finances.

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-- The Nest Editors