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Newsflash: What’s Going on in the Outside World

Sit back, relax. Here’s your news.

· Maybe cyber sex isn’t so safe after all. A new study out of the UK blames Facebook for the proliferation of STDs, citing the fact that people are more likely to meet multiple casual partners through the social networking site. Be careful herpes doesn’t add you as a friend on Facebook -- check the full story out here.

· We’ve talked about the new healthcare overhaul, but one provision we didn’t mention? The new law will require restaurant chains to post calorie counts. Translation: No more pretending that scone is low-cal.

· It’s a not-so-sweet day for high fructose corn syrup: A new study out of Princeton University has found a connection between the sweetener and major weight gain.

· A new study has found that never-married women, especially those between 25 and 35, face social stigmas. The assumption is that women younger than 25 don’t feel the pressure yet, while those over 35 are more comfortable with their decisions.

· Has anyone used a group-buying website to score a discount? Check out this Wall Street Journal article about teaming up to save money.

What news did you think was most interesting today? Share your finds below.

-- Laura Schocker

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