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Poorly Fitting Condoms Make Men More Likely to Remove Them During Sex

Maybe size really does matter. According to a new University of Kentucky study, men are twice as likely to ditch a condom halfway through sex if it doesn’t have the right fit. What’s more, nearly half report using an ill-fitting condom the last time they had sex.

Previous studies have reported that condoms aren’t exactly one size fits all -- making finding the right one an awful lot like the misery of shopping for the perfect pair of jeans (common problems include being too short, too loose, too long, and too tight). What’s next, asking “Does this condom make me look fat?”

Making changes in condom sizing would require some clever marketing -- no man wants to be labeled as “small” or, hey, even “medium.” While the typical latex condom will fit most men, penis sizes vary and a bad fit can mean uncomfortable sex (at best) or worse -- increased breaking and slipping.

So if you’re not exactly sure how a condom should fit, don’t worry, Nesties -- we have you, um, covered. Take a look at our guide to putting on a condom and then experiment with a few different sizes together.

Have you or your significant other ever had a problem with a bad fit? Join the conversation below or start a discussion on our community boards.

-- The Nest Editors

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