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Couples Shape-Up Challenge: 2 Fit for the New Year!
Week 1: Shrink Your Waistlines

Ready for a gut-busting 2010? You can do it, but be sure to set realistic goals. Many people jump right into hour-long workouts and strict diets that are incredibly difficult to sustain (even with the support of a spouse)! A better plan: Work on developing a fewnew healthy habits together each month. You’ll be more likely to sustain healthy weight loss (1 to 2 pounds a week) and make changes that last. What follows is a simple strategy to exercise a few times a week and eat healthier together! What are you waiting for?

More about the Couples Shape-Up Challenge
Each week, we'll be focusing on a different type of couple (for example, Week 1 is aimed at couples short on time) and providing you with workouts and eating plans to help you stay on track. Even if you're not exactly the type of couple featured in a given week, try to stay on the plan. You might surprise yourselves and learn that the plan that works for you is completely different than the one you expected to!

Week 1: For the couple short on time
Week 2: For the couple cutting back on gym memberships
Week 3: For the couple who hates to work out
Week 4: For the couple teaming up to reach a common fitness goal

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