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Inspiration: Nestie DevonStiles on Losing Weight for the Wedding and Keeping It Off!

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Nest Anni: So what’s your overall goal? Weight loss? Getting toned? Running a race?

DevonStiles: My new goal is to run a 30 minute 5K. I just completed my last goal of running a half marathon in November, and now I want to get faster. I remember being at Disney two years ago during the half marathon weekend thinking to myself, “I could never run a half marathon. That’s insane!” I never saw myself as a runner, but over the past year and a half, I’ve become a runner.

Nest Anni: What was the breaking point that provoked you to make changes?

DevonStiles: I knew I had to change when the scale kept creeping up. At 5'3", I was nearing 150 pounds. My wedding was rapidly approaching, and I knew I wanted to be a fit and toned bride. I started running a little more and did Couch-to-5K to get myself in better shape. I also started running races. I've lost fifteen pounds since then! I hope to lose another five to ten pounds. Read More

Nest Anni: What kind of changes have you made so far?

DevonStiles: I've completely changed the way I eat. I used to eat out for most of my meals; now I eat at home. I make sure I eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day. I brown bag it instead of eating out at lunch. For a long time, I tracked my intake with the SparkPeople iPhone application, but it gets tiring. Now I just make sensible choices and I photograph my food for my blog. Posting my food choices on my blog keeps me accountable to an audience. I always feel like crap if I have to post a picture of fast food on my blog. I like the feeling that people are judging me. It has made a huge difference for me.

Nest Anni: What’s your favorite healthy snack?

DevonStiles: Hummus and carrots are a big favorite with my husband and me. Our fridge is always stocked with healthy snack options.

Nest Anni: What’s your biggest obstacle?

DevonStiles: My biggest obstacle is resisting sweets. I have a major sweet tooth, and once I had one treat, it's hard to stop. I've discovered that avoiding them helps me crave them less.

Nest Anni: Do you have any secrets to your motivation?

DevonStiles: The Nest Health & Fitness board helps keep me motivated. Whenever I see someone post about a new personal record, it helps me strive to keep it up. My blog has also become a huge source of motivation as well as reading blogs of other health and fitness minded ladies.

Nest Anni: What HASN’T worked for you in the past?

DevonStiles: Avoiding carbs does NOT work for me. I get so cranky without carbs. I'd rather cut off my arm to lose ten pounds than not eat carbs.

Nest Anni: I could not agree more! Any advice for others trying to get on track?

DevonStiles: Find something you like: running, soccer, Zumba, cycling. Sign up for races. Get a workout buddy.

Thanks Devon! Keep up the awesome work!

Read more about Devon on her blog or chat with her on the Health & Fitness board.

-- Anni Fotopoulos

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