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We all need help managing our lives, and The Nest is here with the online tools to help you do just that in an easy way. Our online tools cover beauty, food, money, real estate, and love and sex, and they include calculators and finders to burn calories, determine your BMI, plan a menu, find your decor style, get rid of debt, determine mortgage payments, figure out the best time to conceive, and how to save money. Learn to manage your finances and juggle your lifestyle with our fun online tools that can serve as your everyday life planners!

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Are you burning calories?

Chose an activity and find out how many calories you can expect to burn.

Activity Calculator button


Weigh in on your body mass index

Enter your height and weight to figure out your body mass index (BMI).

BMI Calculator button


Plan the perfect menu

Search hundreds of recipes for every meal.

Recipe Finder


Search our new style ideas

View our galleries for decor inspiration for every room in the house.

Decor Finder


Get back into the black

Find out how long it will take you and your partner to clear your debt.

Debt calculator button


Your monthly payments

Enter your mortgage info and interest rate to calculate.

Mortgage Calculator button


Are you ready to TTC?

Calculate your estimated ovulation date for the best time to conceive.

Ovulation Calculator button


Saving for a big purchase

Calculate your monthly amount to save for that big ticket purchase.

Savings Calculator button